Life at CRC

What is life like when I start a study programme at CRC?

Busy! Not to mention exciting, rewarding, stimulating…the list goes on.

College life is full of learning and enrichment opportunities at CRC. Depending on which course you decide to follow you could be:

  • Providing technical support for an on-line webinar stream for Twitch TV
  • Supporting children’s development in our on-site nursery
  • Getting experience in a range of construction trades to identify the best route for you
  • Taking photographs for the College magazine
  • Learning motor mechanics in industry spec workshops
  • Taking part in national hair & beauty competitions
  • Running circuit, personal training and gym induction sessions

And these are just a taste of life at CRC – the perfect place to find your unique career pathway with vastly experienced tutors to guide you along the way.

Be independent. Be inspired. Be involved. Be here.

Our learners achieve above average results compared to FE colleges across the UK.

Our learners achieve above average results compared to FE colleges across the UK.

Principal’s welcome

We are a small, friendly college based in Huntingdon offering Further Education, Higher Education, apprenticeships and tailored training courses. Our learners achieve above average results compared to Further Education colleges nationally.

From day one at Cambridge Regional College Huntingdon Campus, our range of full-time and part-time courses and apprenticeships focus on ensuring you are ready for the world of work or Higher Education.

We will provide access to opportunities and skills that allow you to unlock your full potential and set you on course to a great career.

Parents and Carers

We aim to give you all the information you need to support your child in making decisions about their future.

There are so many different further education routes and qualifications available once your child has completed their GCSEs and it can be hard to know the best option for them and their career. Here are a few tips to try to make that decision a little easier:

  • Speak to your child about the types of careers they may be interested in
  • Speaking to local colleges like CRC can help. Our advisors can give you all the information you need to help them make the right choice. Call them on 01480 379100
  • Speak to local employers and companies related to the careers that your child interested in This can help identify the best career routes and give you an understanding of the qualifications, skills and experience they will need to enter the workforce


Young people are required to be in education or training until they turn 18. However, this does not mean that continuing at school is the only option. Other post-16 routes include:

  • Full-time education at an alternative institution, e.g. college
  • An apprenticeship
  • Part-time education or training if you are employed
Cambridge Regional College

We also offer a range of part-time and Higher Education courses. For details, please visit



Be work ready...

When starting your career, employers will look for the candidate with the most training, qualifications and relevant skills.

The more training and qualifications you gain, the better chance you have of getting and keeping a good job that you will enjoy. By gaining more qualifications you can also increase your earning potential.

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