English as a Second/Other Language (ESOL)

English as a Second/Other Language (ESOL)

Skills for Life

ESOL Skills for Life is for people who live or want to live in the UK and who don’t speak English as their first language. There are five levels available. ESOL Skills for Life will help you develop your English for work or study.

What do I need to join the course?

ESOL Skills for Life is a course partly funded by the UK government. Status is determined on an individual basis dependent on a number of factors. However, you have to be able to stay for the whole period of the course AND sit the exam in order to benefit from the funding.

What about the exams?

As a condition of the course, you will need to sit an exam at the end of your course. Exam levels are: • Entry Level 1 (A1/A2) • Entry Level 2 (A2/B1) • Entry Level 3 (B1) • Level 1 (B2) • Level 2 (C1) The exam covers Speaking and Listening (one exam), Reading (one exam) and Writing (one exam). The College course prepares you for all 3 modules, but you can sit one module only if necessary.

Before you start the course you need to take a test to decide your level of English and the level of the exam. The level of the exam depends also on the length of your course and your needs.

Your exam level cannot be changed, but you can take your exam early if you make really good progress. Our placement test covers grammar, writing, listening and speaking.

You do not need to take each level of exam. For example, you can start your course at Entry level 3 without sitting Entry level 1 or Entry level 2.

If you already have a recent certificate such as • Skills for Life; • KET; PET; FCE; • TOEFL; TOEIC or IELTS. Please, include a copy of your results and profiles when you apply.

How much does the course cost?

See attached schedules to the right.

You pay for: – Tuition fees (for your lessons) – Exam fee (for one full exam) – Materials.


Do I have to attend lessons?

You have to attend all timetabled lessons. It is important that you check before you start that you can come to all lessons. You also need to have the time to complete your homework regularly. If you start your course and do not attend all your lessons you may be asked to leave.

How long is the course?

The course is offered full-time or part-time and will last between 3 and 9 months depending on the mode of study, your age, level and circumstances. See our schedules.

What will the course teach me?

Each level will give you new knowledge of the language and will also teach you: • dictionary and study skills so that you can continue to learn after you have finished your class • pronunciation skills (reading and understanding sounds so you can pronounce known words and new words correctly) • British culture and way of life • exam skills • work-related topics (for example, understanding job adverts, where to look for work, volunteering) and skills (cv writing, presentation skills, interpersonal skills) • oral presentation skills

Will I need a book?

We use a course book as the basis for the course as well as additional materials: for example grammar books, newspapers/magazines, online resources and graded readers (simplified books). The additional materials used will depend on the level and the interests of the class.

What will I do in class?

You will be asked to be active and participate in a variety of activities (grammar, communication, pair and group work, self and peer correction/evaluation, oral presentations, exam preparation and mock exams). It is important that you ask questions when you do not understand.

You will be able to give feedback on your classes and the College.

What levels can I study?

Cambridge Campus Status

The Cambridge Campus is open as normal.

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The Huntingdon Campus is open as normal.