Course Code : MPTG1 Level : 2 Course Length : 1 Year Location : California Road, Huntingdon

Day : Monday Time : 18:30-21:00 Start date : 06/09 Academic Year : 13/14

Course fee : Tuition fee £306, exam fee £29 Exam fee : POA Reg fee : N/A

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Is this course for you?
This is a course primarily for people who have an interest in science or who may need science to enhance their job prospects or gain entry to further training.

What qualifications do you need to join?
Ideally you will have some experience of Science gained either in school or the work situation. Otherwise an enthusiasm for the subject and a commitment to study.

What will you study?
The course is divided into three main teaching blocks of biology, including human biology and environmental studies, chemistry including atomic structure and physics including electricity and energy.

What can you do after the course?
You can move onto Access or other level 3 courses.

How will you be assessed?
The scheme of assessment consists of two tiers: Foundation Tier and Higher Tier. The Foundation Tier consists of: 3 written papers - each 45 minutes duration. Grades available for this tier are G-C. Higher Tier consists of: 3 written papers - each 1 hour duration. Grades available for this tier are D - A*. Both Tiers: Undertaken coursework.Grades available G - A*.

Further details
For further details please contact our Information Advisors on 01480 379106.

Additional information
For many learners this course may be free.

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Course Fees:
You may be eligible for free or reduced tuition fees. For further information please download our Fee Information or call 01480 379106.